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Our Firm


Cirkiel Law Group is a Texas-based law firm providing general legal services to our local community as well as representation tailored to protect the civil rights of adults and children across the state and beyond.


Our staff strives to make your experience a positive one. We are here to help you with a wide range of legal needs and have included information on this site about our staff, services, and fees. We're looking forward to speaking with you!


The underlying foundation of our practice is the universal wisdom, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", with an equally firm belief in the legal supports found in the Constitution.


Our Attorneys & Education Advocates are well versed with civil rights violations of Special Education, Disability, Mental Health, Title IX (Sex/Gender), & Title VI (Race). We also offer general law services including Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, & Real Estate matters.

The Cirkiel Law Group is also firmly committed to social justice issues and provides both community development services and parent training.

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