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Angie Villescaz, Special Edcation Advocate

Angie Villescaz
Special Education Advocate

Uvalde native, Angela “Angie” Villescaz is a mother and an abuela, in addition to being a long-time advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. She also fiercely advocates for the rights of all students in public schools, whether it's in an ARD meeting, in front of the school board, or to the Department of Education.

Having attended Robb Elementary in Uvalde as a child, Angie founded FIERCE MADRES in the aftermath of the school shooting there in May 2022. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to gun safety awareness and the establishment of gun safety chapters across Texas.

"You may not know much about our culture, but you don't mess with our kids!"

Founder and Executive Director of Fierce Madres

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