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Anna Popp, Education Advocate

Anna Popp

Special Education Consultant & Advocate

Anna Popp believes that learning challenges should not hold a child back from getting the most out of the education he or she deserve. She uses the educational needs of the individual child and the long-term educational goals of the child’s family as her compass to navigate the bumpy road of the special education process.


This approach developed, over more than 25 years of Anna’s career both inside and outside the classroom.  In the classroom, Anna has taught children and adults of all ages, including early education, middle school, and adults.  As a school administrator for almost a decade, Anna saw the immeasurable benefits of an individual education program (IEP) that capitalizes on the child’s strengths and teaches the child and his or her family, ways to better manage the student’s learning challenges. She assists students with a broad range of disabilities. 


Throughout her career, Anna, has had the opportunity to develop a wide variety of curricula for classes and workshops.  While working as the director of a global human rights organization, Anna developed and taught advocacy workshops.  She continues to develop and facilitate workshops for parents and service providers including: 504 vs. IEP, Best Practices in Advocacy, Navigating the IEP Process, How to Write Measurable Goals, Strategies for Managing ADHD (Inside and Outside the Classroom), The Right’s of Parents Under IDEA, Organizing Your Documents (Not all workshops are listed).


As the mother of two children who each have learning challenges, Anna employed her approach to see both her children successfully navigate the waters of elementary school, high school, college and beyond.

  • Graduate of COPAA's Special Education Advocate Training Program (SEAT)

  • COPAA member (Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates)

  • Wright’s Law Special Education and Advocacy Training 

  • Anna holds a B.A. from Boston University

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