David Beinke sits behind an impressive drum kit during a 2018 Christmas party.
David Beinke

Senior Interstate Advocate

Employment and Disability Specialist



David Beinke is our Director of Advocacy who provides a unique brand of support for parents and children with special needs in their educational and community environment throughout the State of Texas and beyond in his "Hotel Prius".


He has a Bachelor of Science in Education and is also a former United States Marine Corps Sergeant claiming the moniker and related email address of specialedmarine. David started his career path at Denton State School and spent 20 years in the former Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Community Center system both as a supervisor and provider of case management services. David is also the parent of a child with a disability.


David helps families facilitate and explore entitlement and benefits such as TWC, LIDDA's, SSA, Medicaid Waiver Program, etc. He is also a talented musician, frequenting the various musical venues in the Central Texas area as a drummer. His list of skills does not end there as he is a hiker and an avid chess player.


David is a long-time COPAA member, co-chair of the COPAA Advocate Committee, and is a former sitting member of its Board of Directors.


As many of you already know David has a definite "gift of gab" and has artfully mastered the pun. He often says: "Under IDEA, a parent should never be caught between a Round Rock and an ARD place."

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