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Lorelei Kisak


Hello, my name is Lorelei and I am a single mother to my wonderful teenage daughter. My mom, my daughter, and I all moved to Round Rock, TX, in 2010, from Sacramento, CA. At that time I worked for the State of California but after resettling here in Round Rock, I realized I didn’t want the commute to Austin to work for the State. So when I was 43, I went back to school to reinvent myself.

While attending a paralegal studies program, I was a nanny and SAHM until I began my internship here at the firm in 2017. I graduated later that year with an Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal Studies and accepted an offer to work with the Cirkiel Law Group.


In my spare time, I spend many hours at my daughter’s various practices as well as taking care of children and pets in my neighborhood.


I love my life!

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