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Take Action to sever the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse pipeline

Did you know only a small percentage of voters ever contact legislators? Your voice is a powerful tool and is why even small groups of citizens can make a difference.

​Click on the red button below to find contact links to your elected officials. Call, write and/or visit them to have your voice heard and counted.

You're welcome to use the following script in your letters or emails:

Whatever position the Court decides to take, I believe legislation is needed to automatically trigger schools to provide full reviews of their student's alternative disciplinary placements in cases where law enforcement determines no offense was committed.


[Your name and address]

Dear [Elected Official],

This June an important legal question concerning a student's due process rights is being ruled on in the 5th Circuit Court of appeals.

"Can school districts uphold disciplinary alternative education placements after law enforcement finds no offense was committed?"